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There are 4 more quizzes here on OMI ECG diagnosis:





The first link on the page is to an ECG guide as a primer on OMI ECG diagnosis.

These quizzes were written by Gregory Yates (an "FY 2 doctor" in the UK), Maddy Kahle (who is just finishing her 4th year of medical school at the U of MN), and aided by Romi Lee (another U of MN med student).

All quizzes were of course reviewed by Smith and Meyers.

Here is the Page:

You can also sign up to get the PM Cardio OMI app.  It is AI that was trained by Pendell and Smith to diagnose OMI on the ECG.  It is proven in a clinical study to have 90% accuracy, far better than standard diagnostic methods.

PM Cardio AI is an app that:

1) takes any image of an ECG and converts it to the appropriate digital signals for AI deep neural network processing, then

2) analyzes the ECG for OMI

It was trained by Drs. Smith and Meyers

You can sign up to receive the app at this location:

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