Neuroprotective CPR (Head Up CPR)

There is a growing body of literature that supports head up CPR also called neuroprotective CPR. It is far more effective at restoring circulation and improving defibrillation than previous standard CPR.  Some now call it the standard of care.  I believe that this will revolutionize CPR and resuscitation from Cardiac Arrest.

My colleagues Keith Lurie and Johanna Moore at Hennepin Healthcare and its Research Institute are the creators of Head Up CPR and have done years of brilliant research on it.  Here is a link to Keith's research on ResearcgateHere is Johanna's Google scholar profile.

Here I will put articles and lectures that discuss Neuorprotective CPR.

1. 2023 Urban Fire Forum Position Statement.

First-In Responders Providing Neuroprotective (“Heads-Up”) CPR as the Standard of Care for Emergency Medical Services Systems

2.  From Medscape: Novel Resuscitation for Patients With Nonshockable Rhythms in Cardiac Arrest

3. Lecture on Neuroprotective CPR by Keith Lurie at Florida EMS Webinar

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