Monday, November 26, 2012

Full Text of Left Bundle Branch Block Article Now Free Online

Smith SW et al.  Diagnosis of ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction in the Presence of Left Bundle Branch Block With the ST-Elevation to S-Wave Ratio in a Modified Sgarbossa Rule

There is one rather glaring, but inconsequential, error in the article.  I'm interested to see if you pick up on it, so I won't say what it is yet. 

And, of course, we will publish an erratum later, unless there is a letter to the editor to which we will respond.

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  1. All I noted was that Fig3a calculated the ST/S ratio to be "2/23=0.087", which should be 2/-23=-0.087 if the S-wave depth measurements are to be kept consistent. Fig3b uses the consistent S-wave depth notation (i.e. negative millimeters).

  2. Interesting article, dr Smith!
    I'm not sure what the inconsequential error is.. Could it be that you called the measured proportion "ST/S ratio" although you actually measured the ST/R ratio in the leads were the QRS-complexes were positive?
    One question.. Isn't de Winter T-waves considered to be a STEMI equivalent?

    1. No, that is not the error.

      As for de Winter's waves: yes, they happen with LAD occlusion and are definitely STEMI-equivalents


      Steve Smith

  3. Has this been peer reviewed yet

    1. of course. that's why it is published in Annals.


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