Lectures Recorded

Grand Rounds at Kaiser August 2023.  Most up-to-date lecture including Queen of Hearts InterpretationsSelected Cases of Occlusion MI (OMI), or not, on the ECG

Neuroprotective CPR by Keith Lurie at Florida EMS Webinar

Grand Rounds at Mayo Clinic Arizona Cardiovascular Department on July 7, 2022

April 2021 (slightly older version of above, but includes "Future Research" at the end):
--Keynote Rijlant Lecture at International Society of Electrocardiology:  The OMI/NOMI Paradigm (this is focused on the science)

24 minute lecture: The False STEMI Non-STEMI Dichotomy from SMACC-Chicago in 2015 (the last 7 minutes is focused on ECGs)

New August 2020!

New July 2020!

Updated 1 hour lecture: The False STEMI-NonSTEMI Dichotomy

Lecture on High Sensitivity Troponin Protocols in the ED

These are 2 short lectures I gave at the Rocky Mountain EM Winter Conference February 2018.

Here are Interviews with Scott Weingart of EMCrit on "Who Needs the Cath Lab Now." Part 1 and Part 2.

Here is a lecture on narrow complex tachycardia, recorded September 2014.

The blog is featured on Podcast 42 of EMCrit, on various aspects of the ECG in MI, and another EMCrit feature on left bundle branch block.

OMI Manifesto Lectures:

Queen of Hearts Podcast:



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