Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Abbott High Sensitivity Troponin Algorithm at Hennepin Healthcare


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Rule Out MI

Rule In MI

Important slide on Risk Scores


  1. super cool, Steve. i don't think we have the high sens. trops in our shop yet. i listened to the entire Vimeo. excellent. was always afraid that we'd be "catching too many fish", ie, non cardiac patients with the "better net", but as you clearly show , that is not the case.
    on first look, the rule in /rule out charts seem too detailed for me, but as you went through them, they were much less daunting. quite clear actually.
    but what still and always scared me was the chest pain, acs, unstable angina patient who never makes the markers... i guess that's where gestalt and the entire clinical pix comes in
    thank you so very much


  2. Thank you for this algorithm. It will be nice to include full meanings of some abbreviations.


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