Monday, September 21, 2020

Implementation of Abbott Architect High Sensitivity Troponin I in the ED

This was recorded by Stephen W. Smith to help clinicians implement the Abbott Architect High Sensitivity Troponin Assay.

This describes the way we have decided to implement the assay, our algorithms, and the research behind the algorithms, primarily from our own UTROPIA studies, of which there are many.  (These studies were authored by Yader Sandoval, Fred Apple, and by me, Smith).  Very important data also comes from the High STEACS group in Scotland, led by Nick Mills.

We believe these are reasonable pathways based on the data available, but always remember that you must use your clinical judgment and ECG.  You can NEVER rely exclusively on the EKG alone, nor on troponins alone, nor any troponin algorithm, no matter how sensitive.

The presentation is recorded on Zoom. Please forgive the recording deficiencies.  I am not a professional videographer!

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