Tuesday, January 8, 2019

One of the Great Books of Emergency Medicine Just Published: Extraordinary Cases in Emergency Medicine

Doug Brunette is one of the finest Emergency Physicians, if not the finest, whom I have ever known.  He was one of the early Hennepin greats, and one of my first and best teachers.  He has always been passionate about teaching and practicing Emergency Medicine.

Doug's landmark article in JAMA 1989 was my inspiration to read ECGs: 

Sharkey SW.  Brunette DD.  Ruiz E. et al. An Analysis of Time Delays Preceding Thrombolysis for Acute Myocardial Infarction.  JAMA. 1989;262(22):3171-3174

This article that established thrombolytic therapy for STEMI as the domain of emergency medicine, not of cardiology.  It made me realize I needed to recognize coronary occlusion on the ECG and differentiate it from PseudoSTEMI patterns.  We emergency physicians could only rely on ourselves to make the right and timely diagnosis because waiting for a cardiologist was to wait too long.

Doug and Hennepin (Ernie Ruiz, Joe Clinton, Dave Plummer, and more) taught me long ago that we Emergency Physicians must be the deciders.

And that is just one of his countless contributions to EM over a 37 year career.

Doug has collected images in EM since 1983 and they are incredible images, classics in EM.

Now he has put 500 of these images (344 cases) together in an amazing new book:

The Most Fascinating Book in Emergency Medicine History

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