Thursday, August 18, 2016

Lecture: Acute Coronary Syndromes, Part (Overview and Non-STE-ACS) and Part 2 (STEMI)

Here is a pdf of all the slides (parts I and 2).
This contains some extra slides which were "hidden" in the presentation.

Part 1: Overview and Non-ST Elevation ACS

Part 2: ST Elevation Myocardial Infarction


  1. Hello Dr. Smith

    Truly amazing and informative lectures. I was looking forward to the power point PDF which is currently not working. Hopefully it will be fix soon. I am a great fan of yours. Certainly this lecture like the rest of your lectures requires multiple hearing and this is my day one.

    Thank you
    LLeon NP

  2. Thank you very much for both useful information and revision of some points. I look forward to further postings.

  3. What a pleasure having a lecture from Dr Smith. he made great contributions in the field and improve lots the Sgarbossa criteria. is like having lectures from a "Celebrity".
    You are the Man!!! thanks

  4. tom fiero , ED merced.October 17, 2017 at 9:34 PM

    Steve, extremely helpful ; very neatly and clearly presented. it is interesting. we rarely use ticagrelor in our shop. we need to transfer all our "hearts" to a nearby center, and the FMC to PCI is mostly greater than 90 minutes, so we give TNK. i haven't used IV plavix for years. i wonder if that is regional, or have i been providing less than optimal care?
    however, parts I and II of your lecture is extraordinarily helpful
    thank you

    1. Tom,
      I don't think there is IV Plavix. The recommendation is to give po plavix with lytics. And if the patient will then go to PCI, he/she will need plavix or ticagrelor, and only plavix is proven safe with lytics (though probably both are)

  5. Thanks a lot for a wonderful summary of current guidelines!! Amazing presentation!! Very helpful to me.

  6. Astonishing. Needs to hear this lecture a number of times to absorb the amazing amount of data.

  7. Dr Smith,

    Thank you very much for these amazing and highly informative lectures. I am a Cardiology fellow and your ECG lectures made me feel that now I could do justice to my role as a fellow when reviewing patients. Your ECG blogs are amazing as ever and please continue your great work.

    Best Wishes


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