Friday, October 24, 2014

EP Report back on this case: a very fast narrow complex rhythm followed by a very fast wide complex

This was a very interesting case:

A Very Fast Regular Narrow Complex, Followed by an Equally Fast Regular Wide Complex

It had a very fast narrow complex rhythm, then a very fast wide complex rhythm, then converted to sinus with a very short PR interval.

We surmised that there must be accelerated AV conduction AND an accessory pathway.

The EP results are back, and:

1. Accelerated AV conduction
2. Left lateral accessary pathway.  It was ablated.


  1. Ajr heart is between 60 to 100. But also when we have a differential of a by pass could one use adenosine,as making prone to must use class1 antiarrythmic agents.

    1. No, one can use adenosine. If there is a conversion to atrial fib, the effect of the adenosine will be gone by that time and there will be no downside.


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