Friday, December 27, 2013

New Book Published by Dr. Wang: ECG Self-Study Book

ECG Self-Study Book is a practical guide to help trainees interpret ECGs and recognize cardiac abnormalities. Divided into thirty sections, each part describes twelve cases illustrating a related set of abnormalities seen in different heart diseases, along with their interpretation. The book presents 400 practice ECG tracings, with explanations and diagnoses for reference. Key features of each tracing, logic behind the ECG findings and their clinical relevance are emphasized to help understanding. Many cases include multiple choice questions or require trainees to draw a ladder diagram for practice. Written by internationally recognized Professor K Wang from the University of Minnesota, this book is an invaluable reference to help trainees learn and practice accurate interpretation of ECG findings and correlate them with clinical diagnosis. Key points * Practical guide to help trainees interpret ECGs and recognize cardiac abnormalities * Presents 400 practice ECG tracings with detailed explanations and diagnoses * Multiple choice questions and ladder diagram drawing practice included in many cases * Authored by internationally recognized Prof K Wang from University of Minnesota

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