Friday, October 18, 2013

K. Wang Video: Differential Diagnosis of a Variety of Conditions (37 minutes).....

Regular Narrow QRS tachycardia
Regular Narrow QRS bradycardia
Paired QRS
Changing QRS Morphology
ST Elevation in the Precordial Leads


  1. hello doctor smith
    at the 31:00 in the second tracing can we say that there's a terminal QRS distorsionin V3 ? can a terminal QRS distorsion of RS complex morphology occur in V3 or is it supposed to be only in V1 V2 since V3 is the most equal between R and S in the precordium ?

    thank you.

    1. Both V2 and V3 have an S-wave (small in V3, but present), so there is not QRS distortion.
      Steve Smith


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