Saturday, June 1, 2013

K. Wang Video Lecture: Misleading Ventricular Pre-excitation (WPW) Findings

This lecture is also great for those who don't have a full understanding of WPW.  And this post on "WPW mimicking and obscuring MI" is very complementary.  See these other posts on other aspects of WPW.

K. Wang, MD
Clinical Professor of Medicine
Cardiology Division
University of Minnesota


  1. Are they really no clues to differentiate between PVCs and pre-excitation pattern?

    1. Here is Dr. Wang's reply:

      "If the PVC with a sinus P wave just in front of it has a "pseudo delta wave", i.e. slurred upstroke, it can't be differentiated from preexcited beat as the first three quarter of the sample tracing showed. Ventricular bigeminy with pseudo delta wave or preexcitation affecting every other beat will manifest exactly the same way."

      K. Wang.


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