Wednesday, May 1, 2013

2 hours of lecture from Sunday April 28 ECG Workshop - the Best of Smith at Best of Hennepin

This is most of the best stuff I have on subtle findings of coronary occlusion on the ECG.

It starts with a 25 minute powerpoint lecture on the diagnosis of STEMI-equivalent in  Left Bundle Branch Block.

Then it goes on to a second Powerpoint that starts with Hyperacute T-waves, Goes on to Subtle LAD occlusion and  the formula in depth, then to subtle inferior, lateral, and posterior MI, then to T-wave inversion.

What it does not cover: I did not have time to go into the 5 primary patterns of ischemic ST depression, but that can be found at this post.  I also do not talk about right bundle branch block or pseudoinfarction patterns such as LVH and LV aneurysm.

Here are the lectures. You won't see this anywhere else.  If you value the ECG as a tool to identify patients who need reperfusion therapy immediately, this is essential for you.

I will also put this link on the sidebar.


  1. Great lecture..the only downside is that there is that persistent buzzling sound...


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