Sunday, April 21, 2013

Dr. Smith gives a lecture/workshop live online Sunday April 28 1030-1230 Central Time

Dr. Smith gives a lecture/workshop on subtle ECG findings of patients with "NonSTEMI" who have coronary occlusion. The lecture will be broadcast live online on Sunday April 28, 10:30-12:30 central daylight time, free of charge. Here is the link to watch:

This will be lecture format with audience participation (both live and moderated online). These lectures have been very well received. Scott Weingart invited me to give one at Sinai last year. Here is his note from after the lecture:

"The feedback was OUTSTANDING. Aside from some terror induced in the faculty audience members that they had been practicing for years and not knowing these subtle signs.”
Comments include: "best ekg lecture I have ever heard" (this one was repeated countless times)


  1. Will a recording of the stream be available at some point?

  2. Are the previous lectures available online?

    1. I have never done a lecture like this.

      I did have an online discussion back in November 2012 tht can be viewed here:

      These lectures are online and you can get the links down the right hand side of the blog:

      Video Lectures of Dr. Smith

      --The diagnosis of Acute MI in the presence of left bundle branch block
      --Acid-Base Disorders (55 minutes)
      --2 lectures on Acute Coronary Syndromes on ACS 1 is on Unstable Angina and NSTEMI. ACS 2 is on STEMI. Each is one hour.

      --Here are 2 lectures: narrow complex tachycardia and wide complex tachycardia.

  3. I'll be stuck at work - looking forward to the recording!


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