Thursday, September 3, 2020

OMI Manifesto lecture in less than 20 minutes, via H&R Reloaded conference

Written by Pendell Meyers

Here's my latest and most condensed version of the OMI Manifesto lecture, which I recently gave for the fantastic H and R Reloaded conference.

Enjoy and feel free to give feedback on how it can be improved!  

MY THOUGHT (Ken Grauer, MD): This superb 17-minute talk by Dr. Meyers tells it all!
  • Our July 31, 2020 post links to the most recent supportive evidence favoring the OMI-NOMI paradigm (Article by Aslanger, Smith et al). I’ve added to that post key ECG findings among those that suggest acute OMI despite not satisfying the millimeter-based definition of a STEMI.

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