Friday, August 21, 2015

Pediatric Drug Dosing Book - Indispensable! Far better than any App. Nearly FOMAed: only $25.00.

I don't usually deviate from ECGs and Cardiology, but I must for this.

My partner, Albert Tsai, our director of pediatrics, has written what we all here at Hennepin believe is the best resource for use of drugs and devices in Pediatric Critical Care.

This 4th Edition is available for only $25.00 (includes printing and handling costs, no matter where you live, no profit).  

So it is not completely FOAMed, but almost.

You can only pay by check and snail mail (no credit card or PayPal) using the following order form:
Order Form (print it, fill it out, send with check)

This book has every possible device, tube, airway, IV, infusion etc. and the sizes/doses divided by age/size in kg, including premies, newborn, etc.

With only the size or age of the patient, down to weeks (for premies) or months (or, if over 1 year old, by year), then you open to that page and have all the drugs and device sizes and doses listed.

Sample pages are below.

The drugs are listed by:
--Dose of drug per kg
--Amount of drug (mg or g) per dose for that size patient
--Milliliters per dose (given the concentration and dose) for that size patient
--special comments such as dose alterations if given down the endotracheal tube.

We have used this for 25 years at HCMC and we have found it indispensable.  Dr. Tsai has never promoted it or published it through a national publishing company.  If he had, it would be sold everywhere.

As it is, you have to get it from our hospital for a nominal fee.

Here are some example pages to give you an idea how comprehensive and easy to use this book is.

It is far better than an App because once you open it to the correct page, you can see all drugs/devices and their doses/sizes at a glance, and also hands free.

There are "many boxes" of 4th Edition books remaining, each with 25 books.  First come, first serve.

Dr. Tsai is working on the 5th Edition, but I have no idea when this will be done, and it will cost somewhat more.
The Cover

Organized by tabs with Age, Weight and whether you need infusions or just doses. 

Upper Part of the Table of Contents.  Each age group is associated with two facing pages so that you never have to turn a page once you have it open to the correct age/weight

Lower Part of the Table of Contents

Some important details

Example Layout for a Premie who is 23-32 weeks gestation and weighs ~1 Kg.
Notice that all information is visible on the two facing pages.  
It is hands-free: you never have to touch it or turn a page.  
If you have sterile gloves on, you need not contaminate them.

Just the left facing page of the above layout for the 23-32 week premie age group

Closeup of the Upper Left Part of the Layout shown above for 23-32 weeks premie, 1 Kg.

Just the right facing page of the above 23-32 week premie, 1 Kg layout.

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