Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Outstanding General Lecture on the ECG in Acute MI: 34 minutes by Dr. K. Wang.

ECG Manifestations of Myocardial Infarction from HQMedEd on Vimeo.
cited previous videos:
Ta Wave (Atrial Repolarization Wave), how it affects the ECG interpretation

Usefulness of PVCs

ST Elevation in Conditions other than Acute MI

K. Wang, MD
Clinical Professor of Medicine
Cardiology Division
University of Minnesota


  1. Too good deliberation by Great Dr K Wang,
    Dr Smith Sir, can't you post this talk as a blog ( written)? Though i am Family Physician but i read your blogs regularly and hear Dr K Wang's talk

  2. Dr. Smith, excellent video talk by great Dr. K Wang
    Sir, request to publish this talk as an article in your blog
    Dr Equbal


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