Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Early Repolarization vs LAD Occlusion

First ECG in Video

2nd ECG in Video


  1. Thanks for this. Dr Smith, do you have any case with fish-hook J point which proved to be Ischaemic?


  2. It happens, not often, am studying this. On vacation. Posted from iPhone

  3. Very nice study. I'm alittle confused with your method of measuring the ST segment elevation (whether it be for a STEMI or early repolarization). Is it the J-point plus 40ms (which is what I've seen in many texts and articles? Or is it the J-point plus 60ms like you said? Do you use one method for one situation, and the other for another?

  4. In the study, we measured STE at the J-point AND at 60 ms after the J-point, both relative to the PR segment. It would have been better to measure STE at Jpoint relative to PR, and at 60 ms after the Jpoint relative to TP; but that's not what we did. We also measured the T-wave amplitude, R-wave amplitude, and QTc. Then analyzed to see which are best.


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